Trusting Jesus

“Jump” says the young dad standing in the pool.  His 2-year old daughter stands safely on the dry ground outside the pool – safe and secure.  “I’m scared, daddy!”  She loves her dad; she trusts her dad; but she’s still afraid to jump.  God gave us “healthy” fear; we call it “self-preservation”.  An instinct.  Survival.  It comes programmed into us at birth!  But fear is meant to inform us… not to dominate us.  This is where Trust comes in: to guide us safely through.
            There are numerous times when Jesus calls us to trust Him.  Jesus came upon 10 lepers who begged Him for mercy; He said, “Go show yourselves to the priests” (Lk. 17:14).  Do you think they had already done that?  Maybe more than once?  What’s going to be different about it this time?  Trusting in Jesus’ word!  Doing what He says.  Obedience always brings blessing.  They were healed, as they went on their way to the priests.  Remember Jesus’ first miracle?  Turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana?  Yes, just do it; trust me!
            There comes a moment in time, when we stop trying to “figure it out”; when we stop trying to wrestle with the situation we are in; and we decide.  We decide to trust Jesus; and do what He says.  We decide to “jump” into his arms, trusting that everything is going to be fine.  He “catches” us.  He guides us safely through our dark valley of fear.  We are relieved.  Everything is fine, and it is easier to trust Him again the next time.
            “This is the victory that overcomes the world – our faith!” -1 John 5:4
Pastor Frank

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