Led By The Spirit!

Last night before I left home to attend Stirred Up at Desert Chapel, I got on my knees in the dark and prayed for a Holy Spirit experience. We had an amazing Spirit filled night at Stirred Up!!! At one point, Pastor Jimmy called forward the people that wanted the gift of intercession. Pastor Jimmy and Pastor Tim lined all of these people up in rows, shoulder to shoulder. They then began to pray for the people. As this was happening, I observed Holy Spirit moving slowly from my left to my right between the front rows of people. I was filled with joy at this, to the point of spontaneous laughter. Holy Spirit continued to the back row of people and moved slowly from the right, back to the left. Within a couple of minutes of this happening, much to my amazement, Pastor Jimmy followed the exact same path, at the exact same speed that Holy Spirit had just moved??? WOW!!! Pastor Jimmy was literally, "Led by The Spirit" !!! My prayers were answered !!! AWESOME experience!!! Praise God!!!

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