You Can Change the Course of History In the Name of Jesus

No matter what happens in the physical, economic, political, and all other realms, it’s a fact that Jesus is Lord of all. He is Lord over the evil one’s assault called “coronavirus” and the
destruction it has intended to bring into our lives!

Jesus is always seated at the right hand of the Father and possesses the highest authority.
It’s an incredible honor that He authorizes, and even more, invites you to utilize His
incomparable name in prayer!

When you pray in His name:
 The course of history changes…
 The sick are healed…
 Fear loses its grip...
 Hearts are comforted…
 Lives are restored…

Because Jesus gave you His authority to be assured that your prayers have a powerful effect!
Luke 10:19 says in the Message Bible: “See what I have given you? Safe passage as you walk
on snakes and scorpions, and protection from every assault of the Enemy. No one can put a
hand on you.”

Believe that you can change the course of history in the Name of Jesus!

I invite you to pray with me today...“As a child of the Most High God, I do not take the authority
You have given me lightly. All that You put into my heart to pray, I will pray. I believe that in Your
name, I can change even the course of history! There is no coronavirus in heaven, and I pray
Your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name, amen!”

Pastor Carrie

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