I had cataract surgery October 26th. I was just about 3 years over due and the right eye, in particular, was really bad. We went in to see the eye doctor and she sent us to a specialist. We were very thankful to get in quickly. When we were speaking to her, I said yes to the operation, she pulled her calendar out and said "Ohhh, it looks like we don't have an appointment until January...". At this point, my husband and I are already delayed to come back to Palm Springs. I thought..."Oh no". Then the specialist said " but, we do have a cancellation October 26th". (This was about early October). She asked if I was interested, and I said "YES, YES, put us down please!" That was the Lords hand because He knew that people here were praying for us to come back and we were praying to come back, all in God's timing. He got us that early cancellation appointment! I was able to get both eyes done at the same time so therefore the healing and the appointments to come back for checkups were compressed and speeded up! The surgeon and nurses were all so positive, encouraging me with uplifting words of a successful surgery. And that's the way our Lord works. He can hold time still and I am so thankful. I didn't get the surgery for reading but the Lord has blessed me in that area. I can read my bible without any eyeglasses and I can see the road signs!  I feel like I have the vision of a 30 year old in my 70's! At one point I was carrying 3 different strengths of eyeglasses, with me, in my purse because I was having vision problems. It was all such a blessing and we know all good things come from our Lord God. Jesus our Savior!

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