Let Him Fill You

Let Him Fill You, Inspire You and Walk Along Side You

As we look to the Lord today, we are believing Him for complete and swift victory over the
coronavirus...healing for everyone affected by it and for those who have lost loved ones. Let’s
believe God for everyone experiencing grief, fear, chaos, financial upheaval, and loss of any
kind. We're standing in prayer that this coronavirus (crown virus) cannot wear the crown
in our world...Jesus alone wears the crown, and He reigns supreme!
I invite you to meditate on these words that I believe are from the Lord for each and every one
of us.

“What type of reward are you working for?
A crown that will fade, or one that will remain?
Success, true success that doesn’t diminish over time, comes from Me.
This world finds value in possessions and glory, while I speak of restoration, healing, and
Let Me inspire and fill you with what is of Me.
Consider Joseph, Daniel, and Nehemiah.
They gave wise counsel and made the right decisions...by My Spirit.
What I do, succeeds.
What I bless, bears fruit.
What I give life to, multiplies.
I have so much in store for you…
But will you take time with Me?
Like a father, I want to guide you,
Teach you, walk alongside you.
Rely on My Word, on My Spirit.
And place every day of your life into My hands so that you bear good fruit!”
References: Psalm 128:1-2 – Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways. You will
eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.

Pastor Carrie

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