He Is Faithful

Beginning of January 22, I started falling a lot. Always the same way- face down. Skinned knees, elbows and bloody nose. It was determined that I had drop foot in my right leg. My doctor prescribed to me a foot and leg brace. Which I never received. For quite a while, nothing changed. My wife and I also added many prayers. We went to our time share, mid April, to Cabo San Lucas. A family of 6 was leaving on a cart and while we were sitting there waiting for the next cart, we notice a jacket on the bench left behind by the family. I jumped up, shouting and running after their cart showing them the jacket. They were very thankful. I returned to my wife and she said "do you realize that you just ran full speed ahead". I said "I did?". Then I realized my prayers were answered. No more drop foot. Thank you Jesus!

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