Philippians 4: 4
Rejoice in the Lord always, Again I will say rejoice!

This morning the Lord took me back to my days as a Children’s Pastor. The kids would sing this song and clap their hands, followed by raising their hands and singing this verse at the top of
their lungs. It was a powerful declaration of the confidence they had in their God.

The President announced last night that we’re indoors for another 30 days...”rejoice, rejoice,
and again I say rejoice. Really? The answer is really. This chapter of Philippians is so powerful,
Paul goes on in verse 11 to tell is how we can rejoice in the midst of the difficult situations we
face. He says be content in whatever state that we are in. I’m stuck at home…be content, my
job may be jeopardy…be content. In other words, you must not see the problem you are facing,
but you must see the problem solver.
Do you want peace and not anxiety? Open your Bible and read verse 6. Paul tells us not to let
anxiety rule our lives, but let our minds be focused on prayer, talk to your Father and more
importantly let Him talk to you. Pray for others, ask God to use you to bless others…phone call,
or a note. Then be thankful for all you have; and the peace of God, which surpasses all
understanding, will guard your heart and mind.
So, today choose to be at peace, not anxious. Choose to rejoice, and not complain, and the Lord who loves you will guard your heart and mind!
Pastor Don

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