The Prayer of Faith!

So, my sister has (had) really bad anemia… they told her they had to do an iron infusion treatment & possibly getting a blood transfusion. They had done some blood work & she was getting worse every time. Doctors were very concerned & told her she needed a blood transfusion but she refused to get one. I know she was really scared & my mom was panicking too since we had a cousin who died from leukemia. I wanted my sister to come to church so you could pray for her. But the times she tired to come, she was too weak to even walk. So I went to her house last week I put on a worship song. I asked her to get up & praise the Lord with all she had. I prayed over her and declared healing for her body and for the blood cells to get to normal levels.  Today, she went to get her first iron treatment & they check her blood. They told her she’s doing so much better. All the glory and honor to God 🙏❤️.

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Donald Baty - October 16th, 2021 at 8:58am

My wife, Mely, and I will pray for your sister this morning, during our morning devotion. We spend about an hour studying our Bible everyday and we pray for those we know about who are in need of a special touch of healing from God. I myself, was healed of a severe slipped disk which nearly immobilized me from the neck down with excruciating pain, many years ago and we have experienced others who have been healed in our presence by our good Lord Jesus Christ, in His name. God bless you and your sister and may He fill your sister with the presence and power of faith for her own healing.