Instantly Healed After Responding to God's Voice

Last Fall, I had intermittent gut issues that became consistent by January. I knew I had to see the doctor when my symptoms persisted. I began to await a three-month time frame for a colonoscopy. In the waiting, I prayed and fasted to see this procedure through. The test results came back and showed inflammation. Although the symptoms continued, my consciousness of God's presence trumped the result and symptoms. During prayer a few weeks later, I felt God showing me that I needed to leave the salon where I was working and that this was not primarily a physical matter but instead a spiritual one. After I verbally spoke- out loud, that I was resigning, my symptoms stopped! Thank you, Jesus, for answering my prayers and showing me what I needed to do!

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Linda McElroen - May 9th, 2023 at 7:13pm

Yes we have to; “Listen and Obey!”

That’s tough to do sometimes…….. I fell short many times ( my insecurities ruled me for a while, until I found out it was another Lie).

Good For You!