Brother is Reunited with Father God

My older Brother David was angry with the Lord and blamed Him for the loss of our our Brother in 2018 and then his own wife last year. My Brother allowed me to still minister to him on the phone or Skype because we are very close but would always respond "That's nice, I'm happy that it is working for you but it's not for me". His negative response to my numerous attempts to minister to him did not deter me from continuing and even increasing my efforts. I knew that my prayers alone would not be enough to reunite my Brother David and The Lord so I called on reinforcements to help me do battle with the devil to get my Brother back! I asked all the Men at the Men's Bible Study to pray for David and also filled out a prayer request online. Yesterday, David called me, I could tell immediately in his voice that he was happy and full of joy, the Peace that can only come from our Lord Jesus. And then he told me, I'm back with God, and I'm reading and studying the Bible daily again! He then said to me that the Holy Spirit was telling him to tell me that the prayers helped, So, that recognition from my Brother David is confirmation that Prayer Works! My Brother David's Back! Praise be to God and thank you to everyone in my Church Family for all your prayers, God Bless and Keep On Prayin! :)

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