Be Still

     As a child I could not sit still, as an adult not much has changed. As a child I would get in trouble at school because I talked to much, as an adult I talk for a living. As a child I wouldn't listen, because I was to busy talking, as a husband and a father listening has become a major part of my every day.
     Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God." I have read this verse more in the past three years than ever before. As we go about our daily business, life has a tendency to take over. As a father and a husband, I try and fix things with my strength, with my knowledge.
     Sometimes when I read the Bible, I will come across a verse and I can't read any further. This verse is one of those, one that time and time again I stop and breathe. Close my eyes, take the focus off me and put it back to where it belongs, on Him.
     As you go through your day today, stop and breathe, and look to Him for your strength, for your help. He is stronger and more capable than you and I. Just "Be still and Know....
Pastor Jesse

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