Faith In God's Healing Power

For three years, I’ve had this cloud over my head and have been dreading the day when I’d be facing another back surgery; a double fusion I was told in 2019 by my former neurosurgeon. He said I needed a fusion above and below the existing fusion, because my spine is twisting. Plus, he diagnosed me with degenerative spine disease and spinal stenosis. The pain started increasing the past few months, so I had another MRI done a month ago. I’ve been praying, “God, please, you know I don’t want to go through another surgery again, please heal me!” I prayed this almost every day! I have a new orthopedist and met with him this past Wednesday. He said, “Your spine looks good!” I said, “What about the spinal stenosis?” He took me on a virtual tour of my spinal canal, like driving through a tunnel, and said, “See, your spinal cord is wide open, no stenosis at all!” I then asked him about the doctor telling me I have degenerative spine disease. He said, “I’m looking between your discs, and you have nice spacing between your discs, in fact, you have the spine of a 28-year-old. I don’t see too many spines like yours!" He said, “The pain you’re feeling is fluid around the fusion that’s irritated. We can control that with injections, and it will get you out of pain. We don’t like to put people through surgeries like that anymore. In fact, with injections people are out playing golf again!" I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest I was so excited! I was in awe of God when I got back to my car! 😭 Wow! And thanking Him! What a mighty God we serve!! He hears our prayers and loves for us to talk about His greatness!! Thank YOU, Thank YOU Jesus!!🙌🙏❤️
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Tracy Zeigler - August 16th, 2022 at 2:22pm

Praise Jesus!!! He is so good. I love hearing the praise reports. Always so uplifting and needed.

Carrie Fraser - August 17th, 2022 at 6:57pm

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for your reply! I thank the Lord every day for answering my prayers!! I’m still in awe of Him!!