Stepping out in Faith

Yesterday, I was heading to Target to pick up a few things when I saw a young man selling candy bars out front. I wanted to bless him by buying a few bars but more importantly I wanted to bless him spiritually! I asked Kieman if he ever had anyone prophesy over him before... He had not. I told him he would love it and as I started praying I saw a picture of Jesus touching his mom. I felt she was sick and needed a healing. I saw that even though she was going through a battle she was worrying about her son. I then saw two groups of friends. One were godly friends sent into his life to help and encourage him on his walk and the other were not godly friends. I told him God has brought the godly ones to keep him safe but he must choose to follow them and not the other crowd. I asked him if anything I said made sense?  He told me his mom had been in the hospital with lupus but was now doing much better! He also knew the friends I was talking about; praise God! I laid hands on him and asked God to fill him with the Holy Spirit and guard his walk as He continues the life of faith! I often think how many of these encounters are available for us everyday. Help us Lord to think of others and to step out in faith. In Jesus name for Jesus fame!

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