Power Of The Tithe!

I had been attending church for several years and never tithed. Occasionally I would put a 20 in the offering basket and if I was feeling really generous sometimes a 100 dollar bill. As I was listing to Christian radio I heard the preacher talk about a 90 day tithe challenge. I had never heard of something like that but I knew it was something I should at least give a try. So I started tithing faithfully and wouldn’t you know it in one month my finances turned around like you wouldn’t believe. This continued during the shut down of Covid and that is when God really started to lavish on the blessings. I can tell you now without boasting and giving all glory to Jesus I am a millionaire in two years just from using this powerful biblical principle. I have also used this testimony as a witness to many others because they always ask how I am so blessed and I point it right back to the simple obedience of the tithe! Thank you Jesus for being true to your Word and leading down this wonderful path of obedience with my finances!
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