He Never Sleeps

Over the past few weeks, I find myself reading a lot from the Book of Psalms. What a great
book, often it reads like a middle school girl’s diary, but the ups and downs are so relevant,
and they always have been. The authors pour their hearts out, pages that have depth and
feeling, while others have motivation and retrospective passages. From the two most
popular chapters, Chapter 23 and 91 (respectively), where the author has his confession of
trust in the Lord.

This week I was in Chapter 121, verses 3-4 caught my eye, “He will not let your foot slip - he
who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither
slumber nor sleep.” He never sleeps, He never slumbers… what a thought. The God of the
universe is watching out for me every day and all the time. Doesn’t mean that bad won’t fall
upon me or a loved one, but it means He always has His eye on me. This can be either a
scary thought for some or very reassuring for others. For me, it is reassuring, in the fact
that I am never out of His sight. Like a loving Father watches his own children, making sure
they are safe.

When our son was little, we bought him a push scooter and with it, all the protective gear we could find. I took him up to the skate park so that he could ride around. Well it wasn’t long
before a kid came flying over the edge and hit my son square in the face with his knee. My
son fell off the scooter and hit his head so hard that it broke the helmet he was wearing.
After we got him home and cleaned up his face, the fat lip was already growing, tears had
been shed and I felt horrible. I didn’t protect him, I felt so bad, until he spoke up. He said,
and I will never forget it, “dad, thank you for my helmet, I think it did its job”.

Perspective is an amazing thing that oftentimes is so powerful. He never sleeps, He never
slumbers. In the late ‘80’s, Take 6, an acapella group, did a song, He Never Sleeps . What
a great reminder of what our Lord does for us..

Pastor Jesse

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