All of Your Prayers Are Heard

This week, we’re reminded that Jesus chose the way of the cross out of love for you. Throughout our lives, and especially at this difficult time in our world, we may go through some of the sufferings that our Savior endured...Even as we lift our prayers to heaven, entrusting them to Him…and waiting…

When was the last time you thought about a message in a bottle thrown into the sea…How long does it take, how many miles does it travel, before it falls into the hands of a well-meaning person?

What are the bottles you’ve “entrusted to the sea”? How long ago?

Perhaps yours is for a spouse or a child you’ve been waiting for... way too long? Or healing for an illness that the medical community calls incurable? Or moving you to a new location/job that’s slow in coming? Or perhaps a project to bless those lives in great need.

Whatever “messages” you’re sending out to God, none will be lost. They all arrive at their
 He listens to every one of your prayers. (see Proverbs 15:29)
 He hears your pleas. (see Psalm 116:1-2)  
 He inclines His heart towards you. (see Psalm 40:1)
 He is moved by your distress. (see Psalm 18:6)  
 He is touched by your tears. (see Psalm 6:8)

I love this … praying is the privilege of sowing words into eternity! It’s also a gift that allows you to share what’s weighing you down, and worrying you, with the One who understands and knows everything. When you open your heart to God, you allow Him to breathe into your heart by His Spirit.  

It’s important that we to talk to the Lord every day, without fear or restraint, but rather with the assurance that you’re heard by Him. He is your Father, and He’s attentive to everything you’re going through! Amen!!!

Prayer…“Lord, sometimes the wait seems long, and I start doubting that You hear my prayers. Forgive me, and teach me to remain patient and confident. I know that You’re never early or late but always on time when You answer me. Thank You for Your grace and love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Keep persevering in prayer. God has the solution to every one of your problems!

Have a wonderful day as you remain tuned in to your Savior!

Pastor Carrie

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