Why so downcast O my soul?

All the great motivational speakers tell us the importance of “self talk”. One speaker said, “The most important conversation you will ever have is the conversation you have with yourself!”

In the above verse, God demonstrates that He is the originator of “self talk”. Our spirit recognizes the challenges our soul must overcome. Our spirit recognizes that our soul, needs encouragement!!! God inspires us to talk to our “self”. “Why are you so downcast O my soul?” The verse goes on to give the solution: “Put your hope in God!” Notice that our spirit does not want to discuss the problem; our spirit wants to solve the problem!

When times are tough, we have to be calm on the outside, but we have to be righteously stirred up on the inside. We need to be confident. We need to be bold. We need to remember that it is God who can do those things in us. Our job is to believe, and take action by putting our hope in Him.

What is at stake here, is actually not your self-esteem or even your eternal soul – both of which are of the utmost importance. No, what is at stake here is your view of the character and nature of God. Genesis chapter one says we are created in the image of God. Hebrews chapter one says Jesus is the “express image” of God. People and circumstances may intimidate me and cause me to retreat from a fight, but when you start messing with my wife, my kids, and my God, then I get downright moved to action!

It is so important to stay connected to God through the reading and preaching of the Bible. There we read and hear of others who have gone before us in faith. They conquered their challenges. They left us a victorious trail to follow! You were born to be a winner in Christ Jesus. So if you find yourself saying: “Why so downcast O my soul”, read on and follow the directions: Put your hope in God!!!

Pastor Frank

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David Carey - April 25th, 2020 at 9:59pm

Great message Pastor Frank.