Are You Well Connected with the Lord?

Every year, many people take business trips or mini vacations. Right? Then, when they
arrive in a new place or hotel, one of the first things travelers do is to look or ask for the
Wi-Fi access. We love it when the Wi-Fi access is easy; but sometimes we’re given a very
complicated password with capital letters, numbers, and symbols. We really have to
concentrate to copy it correctly, and then when we finally connect to the network, we are
thrilled to be able to use the Internet! Especially these days when most of us are reaching
out to people more frequently through emails, Facebook, Zoom or other means for business
or just to stay in touch.

The Lord gave us a gift...the gift of being able to connect with Him! To do this, He left us the
Holy Spirit as well as His Word, prayer, the local church, etc. Do you know what the
password is to join this network of love and power? It is Jesus, the only name given among
men by which we can be saved!

The Bible declares, “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain
mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16, NKJV)
The moment we wake up in the morning, come close to Him. During the day, take a minute
to think about the Lord or read the Word of God, the Bible. This will keep us permanently

The mistake most people make is to connect only when nothing is going right. All of a
sudden, they realize that they don’t have the connection, that they don’t have the code. So
they look desperately, feverishly. They look every which way and complain that God isn’t
answering them...It’s not that God isn’t answering, it’s just that they aren’t connected with
Him at that particular moment!

Are you well connected with the Lord? Do you have this alive, active relationship with Him?
Do you talk to God? Do you hear Him speak to you? It is so much more
important than having Wi-Fi.  :)

Pastor Carrie

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