By God's Grace
January 24th, 2023
The other week at church, a lady came up for prayer needing healing in her neck and ears. She was having pain for over a month and Dr. Jesus showed up and did what He does best! All her pain was insta...  Read More
Always Be Ready
January 17th, 2023
Last week, at basketball practice, I was minding my business while coaching the boys. As we had a timeout, one of the dads there was telling me how much his shoulders are jacked up from previous sport...  Read More
Chest Cleared!
January 3rd, 2023
I had congestive heart failure and was diagnosed with RSV. After pastors prayed with me for healing, my chest started to feel clear and not over worked. 12/23 the nurse said I had no irregular heart b...  Read More
Peaceful Rest
December 13th, 2022
Sunday service 12/4 - Pastor Fred spoke about how the works of darkness robs us of our sleep and that God wants perfect rest for us. With praying and believing, last night I dreamt of my earthly fathe...  Read More
He Is Faithful
December 6th, 2022
Beginning of January 22, I started falling a lot. Always the same way- face down. Skinned knees, elbows and bloody nose. It was determined that I had drop foot in my right leg. My doctor prescribed to...  Read More
The Holy Spirit showed me a Vision!
November 1st, 2022
Sunday, October 29th, 2022,  I had the privilege to baptize six people who were ready for a fresh start with Jesus! The Holy Spirit showed me a vision over one of them that God was going to use them t...  Read More
The Way, the Truth, and the Life!
October 25th, 2022
 Sunday, October 9th, 2022, I crashed my mountain bike and broke my collarbone. It has been painful and hard to do my job; cleaning and servicing swimming pools. This past Sunday, after service, Pasto...  Read More
Answered Prayer
October 18th, 2022
Sunday, after church, I requested prayer from Elder Lester. My sister-in-law had surgery on her leg that morning. It was the 2nd surgery on the same leg. The 1st surgery was unsuccessful. Monday,  I r...  Read More
Praise Report
October 11th, 2022
In July, I asked for prayers over my friend Kurt R who has had four heart attacks. He stopped breathing for 10 minutes and was given a 10% chance to live. I am so happy to tell you he has made a 95% r...  Read More
Jesus, the Healer!
October 4th, 2022
I had a sciatic nerve problem that caused me a great deal of pain and discomfort for about 2 years. One Sunday morning during Church, Pastor Fred said a healing prayer for everyone who was in attendan...  Read More
God's Daughter's
September 27th, 2022
Desert Chapel held their first ever women's testimony night called "Refresh"! This event was birthed, over the summer, when the Lord put on Marsha's heart to gather His daughters together. Last night,...  Read More
Jesus Is On The Throne!
September 20th, 2022
"My son experienced an eruption in his intestine that leaked an enormous amount of poison into his body.  He waited far too long to go to the hospital and it's a miracle he didn't die.  Once at the ho...  Read More