I was sitting in my house the other morning and found myself thinking of this year so far. 2020 was not supposed to look like this at all, at least in my mind. Which got me to opening up my Bible again and found myself staring at a verse in Psalms 46, verse one to be exact, which states, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” For the next 30 minutes, I reread and thought about this verse and what it meant to me today.

What I came away with was pretty simple, at least in concept, but isn’t that always the case? I have always said that we need nothing but the Love of God, that He is our everything, He is our source of Joy, Strength, and Hope. Then I asked myself - why do I struggle with this fact on so often? I try and control the outcomes, I try and fix things that I have no business nor power to fix. All of this for what, stress, confusion, anger…if I am being honest.

At the close of my time with the Lord that day, He as only He can, reminded me of this fact - Come to Me, I will be your refuge and your strength….when there is any trouble. As I sat there, I had a sense of peace come over me, a sense of hope that He is right by my side. I was then reminded of something that I had written on December 31 st of last year, a
proclamation of what 2020 was going to be for ME – A Year of Joy. With everything that
has been going on all around me, I had lost sight of that, I had taken my eyes off of my
refuge and my strength.

Today, spend some time with Him, seek Him out, long for Him to surround you with His loving arms. When we look to Him and not to our situations, when we take the focus off of me and direct it on to Him, it is then that the blessing comes. Be a blessing to others around you and worship Him in all that you do.

Pastor Jesse

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